How to Cope Crown Moulding (For Inside Corners)

To cope Crown Moulding for inside corners, you will need a mitre saw, a coping saw, a mitre box, a pencil and safety goggles.

A coped joint is sometimes used when crown mouldings meet at inside corners. Coped joints help cover irregularities more effectively than mitred joints.
How to Cut Piece # 2:

(A) Crown moulding (#2) is simply cut straight. The end of the crown is butted against the wall. See Figure A.

How to Cut Piece # 1:

(B) Place crown moulding (#1) ceiling side down in the mitre box. Set mitre box at 45° to the right and make cut.

(C) Mark profile with a pencil to highlight the edge to be cut.

(D) Cut profile out at an angle with a coping saw.

(E) Push coped crown piece (#1) tightly against (#2). See top illustration. When coping is needed on the right side, simply reverse the direction of the mitre saw and the direction of the crown moulding in mitre box.