How to Install House of Fara Crown Moulding Using Crown Blocks

For this project you will need a drill with a 3/32-inch drill bit, a hand or power saw, measuring tape, hammer, 2-inch finishing nails, pencil and safety glasses.

Crown blocks are the fastest, easiest way to install crown moulding. Crown blocks eliminate difficult, 45° compound mitre cuts.

(A) Start at a corner; then work around the room installing the crown moulding and blocks as you come to them.

(B) Drill 3/32” holes in crown blocks. This will prevent splitting.

(C) Position crown blocks (#1 and #2) in opposite corners of the room. Be sure each crown block is pressed tightly against the ceiling and corner.

(D) Nail pre-drilled crown blocks in place with 2” finish nails.

(E) Measure the distance between the two crown blocks (#1 and #2).

(F) Cut crown moulding (#3 in FIGURE 1) to fit the distance measured between #1 and #2, using simple, straight cuts.
Note: Be sure not to cut the crown moulding too short…
if the piece is too long, it can always be trimmed.

(G) Nail the crown moulding in place with 2” finish nails. Continue with the same procedure around the room.