How to Install Doorway Trim

To install doorway trim you will need a power drill and 3/32-inch drill bit, a hammer and 2-inch finishing nails, a hand and/or power saw, putty or wood filler, a pencil, measuring tape and safety glasses.

(A) Make a mark approximately 1/8” inch above top left corner of door jamb.

(B) Measure distance from top of plinth block (#1) to mark. Cut both left and right fluted pieces (#2, #6) to this measurement. (see installation instructions for plinth blocks on other side)

(C) Pre-drill 3/32” holes in both side fluted pieces (#2, #6) to prevent nails from splitting wood.

(D) Center both fluted pieces (#2, #6) on top of plinth blocks (#1, #7). Make sure fluted pieces are parallel to jamb edge. Nail both pieces in place using 2” nails.

(E) Center both rosette blocks (#3, #5) on tops of side fluted pieces (#2, #6).

(F) Measure distance between rosette blocks. Cut top fluted piece (#4) to this length.

(G) Pre-drill nail holes in both rosette blocks and top fluted piece.

(H) Center left rosette #3 on top of the left side fluted piece #2 and nail in place.

(I) Keeping top fluted piece level with top of door jamb. Center top fluted piece against left rosette. Nail in place.

(J) Push right rosette tight against both fluted pieces. Nail in place.

(K) Fill nail holes and any gaps with putty or wood filler of matching color (use smallest amount possible for a neat job). Then carefully touch up with paint or stain, only where necessary.