How to Install Window Trim

For this project you will need a drill with a 3/32-inch drill bit, a hand or power saw, measuring tape, a pencil, hammer, 2-inch finishing nails and safety glasses.

(A) Start at bottom of window. Measure distance between left and right window jamb. Add 1/4” to measurement; cut bottom fluted piece #1 to this length.

(B) Drill 3/32” holes in bottom fluted piece.

(C) Measure down 1/8” from bottom window jamb and mark left and right side.

(D) Align bottom fluted piece with pencil marks and center width-wise so that piece extends 1/8” beyond left and right jambs. Nail in place using 2” finishing nails.

(E) Drill two 3/32” holes in all four rosette blocks.

(F) Center bottom left side rosette #2 on bottom fluted piece. Nail in place. Same for right side rosette #8.

(G) Mark left side of window 1/8” past top left corner.

(H) Measure distance from bottom left rosette #2 to mark. Cut both side pieces #3 and #7 to this length. Drill holes in both pieces.

(I) Center both side fluted pieces on rosette blocks #2 and #8. Both pieces should run parallel to window jamb. Nail side fluted pieces in place.

(J) Center top left rosette block #4 on top of left side fluted piece #3 and nail in place.

(K) Center top right rosette block (#6) on right fluted piece #7. Measure distance between top rosette blocks 4 and 6. Cut top fluted piece (#5) to this length and pre drill nail holes.

(L) Center top fluted piece against left top rosette, keeping piece level with top window jamb.

(M) Push right top rosette #6 tightly against both fluted pieces and nail in place.

(N) Fill nail holes and any gaps with putty or wood filler of matching color (use smallest amount possible for a neat job). Then carefully touch up with paint or stain, only where necessary.