How to Cut a Compound Outside Mitre Cut

To cut a compound outside mitre cut you will need a mitre saw or mitre box, a power or hand saw, a measuring tape, a pencil and safety goggles.

How to Cut Piece # 1:

(A) Place crown moulding (#1) upside down (ceiling side down) in mitre box; push crown moulding tight against the mitre box. Set mitre box at 45° to the right and make cut.

(B) Set mitre box at 45° to the left and slide the moulding through so that the scrap will end up at the left of the blade. Cut through the moulding.

How to Cut Piece # 2:

(C) Place crown moulding (#2) ceiling side down in mitre box. Set the mitre box at 45° to the right. Keep scrap moulding to the right of the blade and make cut.
Note: The secret to cutting crown moulding is to make your first cut slightly too long. Then trim the piece as needed until it fits tightly. This may require several trim cuts.