Crown Mouldings How-To Guides

How to Install House of Fara Crown Moulding Using Crown Blocks
Crown blocks are the fastest, easiest way to install crown moulding. Plus they eliminate the difficult 45° compound mitre cuts. And, of course, they look fantastic.

How to Cut a Compound Inside Mitre Cut
Inside mitre cuts are easy when you’re using the correct tools and our proven How-To guides.

How to Cut a Compound Outside Mitre Cut
Get the right stuff, the right tools and the right “How-To” guide. Just click for the right way to put up beautiful crown mouldings.

How to Cope Crown Moulding (For Inside Corners)
Coped crown molding is actually one piece of crown fitting over another piece instead of the two being mitered at the inside corner. It’s easy with our How-To guide.

How to Splice Crown Moulding
When working with mouldings, it’s always better to use a single length to span a room. But when that’s not possible, we’ll show you how to splice two mouldings together.